Sunday, November 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is posted late, but was saved and ready to go since Sunday night...

Monday: roast chicken, red cabbage , brown rice with gahlic
-- This was yummy!! I used Bittman's recipe for chicken.

Tuesday: salmon , sweet potatoes , veggie sticks
-- Today I tried out Bittman's 10min salmon recipe. It was simple,but I will get back to adding gahlic to it next time. I skipped the parsley because we didn't have any
-- CATASTROPHE!! One of my 2 pyrex dishes EXPLODED when I pulled it out to flip the fillets over!!!
It blew all over the veggie stix that I had just finished chopping , so I had to throw out 1) a nice pyrex dish, 2) half of the salmon fillets, 3) all of my veggie stix!!!

I was feeling quite negative about the whole thing when I forced myself to admit the good things :
1) only 1 pyrex broke ( I had made 4 fillets, 2 in each pyrex)
2) it didn't break in the oven
3) it was the smaller pyrex
4) I had extra veggies for the veggie stix
5) I'm lucky that I can even buy such fine food

Then a miracle happened : Greg came home from Arnprior and ,even though he was tired and hungry, he did that wonderful vacuuming thing he does. Ain't I lucky ?

Wednesday : pate chinois and salad
-- G and D like this. I am looking forward to the salad.

Thursday : jambalaya with kale
-- There's nothing like homemade salsa to revive leftovers ;)

Friday : white fish with tomatoes , spaghetti squash, salade

Saturday : porc with tomato, leek , polenta
--If I can find some camembert for the porc, this will be super yummy

Sunday : Chicken enchiladas , rice with corn, salad


Jenny said...

Yeah for you Nora!

Gwrant said...

I am a lucky, spoiled man. Vacuuming is the least I could do for such fine food!