Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu planning ?

We have no internet and no phone at home until FRIDAY (if we're lucky...)

I love the new home. It's so cozy!! And close to parks. The neighbours are great but we'll miss our pals in Barrhaven.

I whipped up a menu plan while heading back from Barrhaven with the car full of pots, pans, fridge leftovers and plates. Then I got to test out the new grocery store (The Independent at Alta Vista/Bank ) . It's not anywhere near as nice as the one in Barrhaven but we got enough groceries to get us partway through the week. I'll still have to get bread, milk, salad from Farm Boy on Wednesday.

Monday - chicken nachos, broccoli and cheese

Tuesday - roast beef, roast potatoes, salad

Wednesday - fajitas, rice and corn, purple cabbage

Thursday - spicy salmon, fried rice, salad

Friday - ham, mashed potatoes, spinach

Saturday - breaded baja, egg noodles in rose sauce, chard

Sunday - spaghetti and meat sauce, carrot salad

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