Sunday, November 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I did my groceries with my assistant today. We visited 2 new shops in the neighbourhood : Produce Depot and Njieme ( a mediterranean grocery ).

The Produce Depot was exciting.. I got CRESS and they had 3 different types of eggplants, 4 types of zucchini and at least 10 different types of apples! The Texan flag on the box of Kohlrabi made me spin around and grab some.

I got some chicken and beef for great prices from the grocery next door and we had no line ups plus friendly service at both. What a great find!

Here's the Menu Plan Monday menu (cooked in replacement baking dish plus new roasting pot ... I been shopping.. )

Monday -roast chicken with turnips, chard with garlic

Tuesday - roast porc, brown rice pilaf, salad
OR ... (it's my B-DAY : we'll go out for supper :) )
Wednesday - porc and tomatoes, roasted stuffed potatoes, steamed zucchini with gahlic

Thursday -Either mediterranean baked fish, or salmon steaks and cress (if I can get to Farm Boy for salmon!!) , fufu, salad

Friday - mac and cheese (per special request), kohlrabi

Saturday - mac and beef, cauliflower gratin

Sunday - steak and anchovy sauce, rice, carrot salad with lemon vinaigrette

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Gwrant said...

Awesome roast pork!
I'm munching on some roasted turnips right now.

With all this cooking, I think a vent hood is next on my agenda (along with the bathroom vents).