Thursday, February 7, 2008


I just kissed away $180 at the vet. Why ? Because vets are crooks. Here I was at the vet, verifying that my cat had either a bladder infection or stones , when I discovered that he was setting me on my way to a $600 vet bill. I thankfully stepped away from $400 of it, but unfortunately, I paid $80-$100 too much!! After finding out that the big plan was for me to do first a urine analysis, then some x-rays and additionally some bloodwork, I would then be prescribed either medication, surgery or a simple diet change. From what he had said so far, it sounded like the diet change would be the place to start, so I proposed that we start with the new diet and if that didn't work, I'd come back for the next step. If he had agreed, I would have felt that he was trustworthy, but he refused to give me the "prescription" diet unless I had at the very least a urinanalysis. He then confessed that he could find out everything he needed to know from the simply urinanalysis. Well, I am kicking myself now for giving in to that crap. He didn't even need the flipping urinanalysis after all! But I agreed to it, so after sitting in the waiting for half an hour, he called me back in to the office to recommend the prescription diet. By then, my brain started to wake up and I started to ask questions about the diet formula. Apparently, it would cost $30/month to feed her and it had special ingredients in it that would encourage her to drink more water (ie, salt) and to do other things which he couldn't explain to me because in his words, he is not a nutritionist. He might not be nutritionist and he might be a vet, but one things certain : he's a crook.

Post Script : If I had read this link, I might be even more than $100 the richer :

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