Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kiki Skis!

Kiki and I grabbed some bagels from Tim Horton's and then headed out to Moonie's Bay after church today. We donned our skis and did a nice loop. It was sunny but the wind by the bay is always strong and cold. Dominique didn't mind though : as soon as I snapped her into her skis, she took off down the tracks smiling into the bright sun. I literally ran after her so that I could video tape her scooting off before I even had a chance to get my own skis on! I offered her a chance to turn back on the smaller loop, but she said that she'd rather do the bigger loop. She and I started singing some of our favourites with a few modifications ( eg , J'aime les galettes became Ugh-ugh ugh-ugh ugh-ugh.. due to our Backyardigan influences) . I sang to Ainsi font font font les petites marionettes.. with some jumping that caused me to nearly fall. That got a lot of giggles out of the munchkin. She ended up carrying on the singing herself making up tunes and lyrics as she went along. I took a few more videos and someone was kind enough to photograph us too.

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