Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Much later..

I had a moment of inspiration today. So I thought I try to blog again.

I went for a dip in the river this morning, around 7h30. It was very cold. I went with my hypnotist to get over the fear of the deep dark water. I wore my wetsuit and we stood in the shallow water, up to my shoulders looking out at the beautiful river. A curled little white feather floated lazily nearby. I was drawn into the tips of these weeds just peeking out of the water so I grabbed the canister and headed out there, humming a few bars of Bach to keep any possible anxiety in check. When I reached the weeds, my legs and feet got tangled up but it was so enchanting to be right there looking at them. It was quite thrilling to be in the deep water without being immobilized with fear, even though I was holding on to the bright red canister hat Susan had affectionately named "Athena". I kicked about around the river and we eventually headed back to shore. It was so beautiful though. The cool river had a rhythm of its own which stayed with me throughout the day. Having drunk such a beautiful calm morning at the river made me feel connected to the world.

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