Wednesday, August 29, 2007

nora-drop tuesday ride on sasaparilla

Last night's ride on the Sassaparilla trail was a lot of fun. My bike was not exactly co-operative though. I had TWO flats on the way back from Lime Kiln over to Emeka's house (for BBQ!) . Worse, I LOST my husband's yellow lensed glasses when I left them in the parking lot where we changed the flat.

Enough of the bad stuff, here's the good stuff : I got to trail run with my sweet HID light , carrying my injured bike on my arm for awhile and then running alongside it through the jeeptrack and paved trails. It was very pretty.

Thank god Richard and Christian waited for me , otherwise I would surely have got lost. There were tons of Tees in the singletrack from Lime Kiln to the parking lot where Richard was waiting, so I was very grateful when I saw Christian riding back to get me.

Richard knows his way through that maze of trails and he guided us back on a short path. Nonetheless, it felt long since I was running with 2L of water , plus repair kit and HID battery bouncing around on my back. Yeah, my appetite was well worked up for the burgers at Emeka's.

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