Thursday, August 30, 2007

swim effects

I tried out a morning swim today, at 6h00, in the Walter Baker Sports Centre just down a few roads from my home. It was dark and spitting large warm drops so I drove the car instead of commuting. I was a bit tired and stiff from yesterday's early morning weight training , so was pretty hopeful when I walked into a quiet , empty changeroom. "Maybe it's cancelled for the last week of August before the new fall schedule starts... " but when I walked into the pool area, I saw at least a dozen swimmers chatting around the deck. So I compromised with myself and agreed to just take it easy today. It's a good thing too, since every muscle in my body ached as I reached and pulled and kicked and turned in the water. Finally things got better, but at just that moment, my coach asked me to do some breast stroke. Like a rusty machine, all the muscles that had escaped from the freestyle stroke, complained and held back. But I got over that hump and ended my swim feeling triumphant over the mornings stiffness. I was deluded though : just a few hours later, I get up from my desk for a tea and ... eeek... I'm a creaky tin woman again!

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