Friday, December 1, 2006

Day 0

This is the first day of the blog. I just created this blog page. It is snowing outside. This is the first real snowfall in our neighbourhood this year. By "real snowfall", I mean that it is actually accumulating on the ground instead of just melting right away.

Makana -I caught Makana sleeping on the couch this morning. He was all curled up and his head was planted in the middle of the burgundy pillow. The quilted blankets were at his feet. Too cute! But I called him off of the couch anyway.

Kiki - Kiki was a cutie today but she put up a fuss (as usual) about going to daycare. She cried when the snowflakes landed on her cheek as I carried her into class as well. I'm betting she has a good nap after lunchtime.

Greg - Greg was the typical morning clown again. Kiki loves that. We all fooled around in the kitchen until I finally remembered that we had to get started on the day.

Kitties - I moved the catbox upstairs. For months now, it has been ruining the basement with kitty litter all over the place , so I finally gave in and took it up to the kitchen.

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