Monday, March 17, 2008


I need a Thank You card from Lisa's collection for the ducks I saw in the fields at Fallowfield and Greenbank on my home from work today.

It would say ..


And it would accompany lots of warm wet mud and all the things those beloved ducks like.

There were hundreds of those lovely ducks swooping up to the bright blue sky. It was too pretty : a wave of small brown ducks,rising and sinking , wings spread, out of deep horizon of golden yellow corn stalks against a huge bright blue sky.

I had all sorts of emotions then. Of course, I felt like I had just witnessed a miracle or one of the great mysteries of the world, but I also felt like I was finally hitting the last run on a long brick workout, or like I had just finished scrubbing the last of the sticky vegetable skins from the vegetable crisper or maybe even the end of a horrible a novel that I couldn't stop reading because there was still some small part of it that was interesting or because it wasn't nearly as bad some other novel that I had thrown out. It was definitely a sense of relief.

So... spread the good news : Spring is on its way!!!

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